Monday, 21 March 2011

Nearly finished packing

"Kaiser the Incisor" and "Nola the Molar" are off to Bowen in Queensland. Well ... eleven in total actually. Hope they have a nice trip and enjoy their new homes. Thanks B.


Ribbons, Lace & Buttons said...

Yay, you finished 11 of them! Well done lady, they look amazing. I'm sure Barry and the girls will love them. I like the names too. I can't wait to see "Kaiser the Incisor" in person :-) Carmel

Ribbons, Lace and Buttons said...

...for some strange reason Google is putting amp in my response name?? I'll try another way...I hope it works..

Anonymous said...

I am a dental assistant and I find these sooo cute! Please share your pattern with me, I may just die